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5 Tips and Tricks for Planning a Bathroom Remodel

When you talk about remodeling your bathrooms then there are many things you need to consider and avoid doing any silly mistakes. If you are a homeowner and looking to plan the first-time bathroom remodel then you can hire Bathroom Renovations Auckland who are perfect remodeling contractor and provide amazing solutions to renovation a complete success.

Remodeling bathroom is one of the best cost-effective ways to increase the value of the home. It can also improve the quality of life and satisfaction for a long time.

Below you will find out 5 Bathroom Renovations tips and tricks to start with and have a lot of fun as well.

1) Hire an interior designer:

Hiring an interior designer can save your money by helping you avoid costly mistakes. Let’s just face it, folks, you can take benefit from the expertise of Bathroom Design Auckland who is arguably the most important and first step to planning a remodel bathroom with a reasonable budget. 

2) Choose waterproof flooring:

Choosing bathroom flooring is very important which should be resilient against the humidity and moisture. You have to choose the best bathroom flooring material such as tile, luxury vinyl, and stone. As a homeowner, you will appreciate a natural aesthetic hardwood floor to reduce humidity levels.

3) Consider converting the tub to a shower:

Showers can be as luxurious as tubs. This is why many homeowners are deciding to convert tubs into showers. It is necessary to install a shower where the tub used to be. It can save your money and helps you to free up some space for other things.

4) Don’t add too much lighting:

Installing a single central fitting light can prove much cheaper than an individual wall or down lights. You can checkout multi-bulb fitting that runs with a single power cable for a long time. If you are renovating bathroom then must have two circuits for dimmable bathroom lighting.

5) Avoid wall-mounted sanitary ware:

You need to ditch all wall-mounted fittings because of fewer works equal to less cost. Having wall mounted basins, taps, and toilets require special fixings.

Bathroom Renovations) So it is better to go for cheaper and quicker fit deck mounted tap, and pedestal basins from the beginning.

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